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Multnomah Falls Lodge ca. 1930. 0

Multnomah Falls Closed Indefinitely

OPB Article here: http://www.opb.org/news/article/oregon-multnomah-falls-closed-foreseeable-future/ TL/DR: Burning the moss off the rock faces destabilized the rock, leading to a danger of rockfall.  Funny, but I seem to recall being taught moss on rock was a...

Multnomah / Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail 0

Multnomah / Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail

Multnomah Falls Trail #441 Wahkeena Falls Trail #400/420 The Multnomah Falls Trail is part of a series of interconnecting trails in the Multnomah Falls / Wahkeena Falls area.  The Multnomah / Wahkeena Falls Loop...

Benson Footbridge 0

Benson Footbridge

Multnomah Falls Footbridge (Benson Footbridge)           Location: Spanning the lower of two falls called Multnomah Falls on a pedestrian trail leading from the Multnomah Falls Lodge to the top of...