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Eagle Creek Fire, September 3, 2017. 0

Latest Info on Eagle Creek Fire Closures

Columbia River Gorge NSA & Mt Hood NF joint Eagle Creek Fire Closure map. Eagle Creek Fire Area Closure order & map. List of closed recreation sites in the gorge. Mt Hood National Forest fire closures. Eagle...

Sunset From Rowena Viewpoint 0

Sunset From Rowena Viewpoint

Sunset from Rowena Viewpoint Time lapse video looking east from Rowena Viewpoint as the sun sets on May 1, 2016. Individual images shot in RAW format at 5174 x 3456 resolution on a Canon...

Columbia River Gorge Camping 0

Columbia River Gorge Camping

Columbia River Gorge Camping NOTE: The Columbia River Gorge Camping pages on this site only include campgrounds that are in the Columbia River Gorge. There are dozens of other public campgrounds in the general...