Dry Creek Falls Trail

Dry Creek Falls Trail

NOTE: The following two books are highly recommended for anyone interested in hiking in the Columbia River Gorge: Hiking the Columbia River Gorge, and 100 Hikes in Northwest Oregon. I own both and consider them indispensable for hiking the Columbia River Gorge.

Length: 2.4 miles one-way
Trail Uses: Hiking, Horseback Riding
Facilities available: Parking, Restrooms, Picnicing, Drinking Water, Camping, Food, Gas, Lodging.
Season of Use: Year round
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 194 ft to 892 ft
Visitor Use: Heavy

Directions to Dry Creek Falls Trail

Eastbound I-84, take exit # 44. Westbound I-84, take exit # 44. Access trail from Toll House Park at South end of Bridge of the Gods, or from Harvey St.

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Dry Creek Falls Trail Description

The trail to Dry Creek Falls follows the Pacific Crest Trail to Dry Creek, and then turns south along a dirt road to the falls.