Columbia River Gorge Hiking


TO DOG OWNERS: If you take your dog(s) hiking, as I do, PLEASE KEEP THEM ON A LEASH! It’s more than simple courtesy, it’s the safest thing for your dog. Every year unleashed dogs wander off cliffs. A few years back an unleashed dog fell 100 feet off Angel’s Rest. It took emergency responders six hours to rescue the dog. The dog was taken to Dove Lewis animal hospital, where the owner found out what the Dove Lewis claim they never refuse treatment to an animal really means: if you haven’t got the thousands of dollars they demand up front for treatment, your dog will be put down.  Euthanasia is “treatment,” right?

Oregon Columbia River Gorge Hiking Trails:

Angel’s Rest Trail

Dry Creek Falls Trail

Eagle Creek Trail

Herman Creek Trail

Larch Mountain Trail

Multnomah / Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail

Nesmith Point Trail

Ruckel Ridge Trail