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The Jack o’Lantern 0

The Jack o’Lantern

The Jack o’Lantern Not much is known about The Jack o’Lantern, all I’ve been able to find are a few old display ads, and this passage: At one time, a restaurant, the ‘Jack-OLantern,’ operated...

Chanticleer Inn 0

Chanticleer Inn

Chanticleer Inn Chanticleer, aka Chanticleer Inn and Chanticleer Tavern, was located at the site of the lookout at the Portland Women’s Forum State Scenic Viewpoint.   The Inn took its name from the rooster in...

Cliff House 0

Cliff House

Cliff House The only information I have on the Cliff House comes courtesy Clarence Mershon: Almost directly across the highway [from Bridal Veil Lodge}, the three-story, 18-room Cliff House stood, reportedly built in the...